Closure in Smithdom  
  On coming full circle. [Read]  
  Your Future Dream  
  On revisiting the past. [Read]  

The Nakeder Wilde

  On the “uncensored” version of Wilde's maserpiece. [Read]  
  “How Fiction Works ”  
  On our foremost literary critic's How-To manual. [Read]  
  Inspector Kurtz, SFPD  

On who gets to hold the big gun. [Read]

  The Indispensable Man  
  On life in the Bush era. [Read]  
  Tears of A Clown  
  On George Clooney’s “Confessions of A Dangerous Mind”. [Read]  
  The Modesty of Leo Strauss  
  A brief defense of Leo Strauss. [Read]  
  “Dawn Of The Dead”  
  On Zack Snyder’s remake of “Dawn of the Dead”. [Read]  
  The Go-Betweens  
  On discovering The Go-Betweens. [Read]  
  The Last Critique Should Be The First  
  On a few of the Left's taboos. [Read]  
  The Emperor’s New Clothes  
  On a tiny SF film called “Attack of The Clones”. [Read]